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Do you need to complete a home reconstruction or repair project? Since 1997, Cooksburg Lumber Company, Inc. has been providing the community with the highest quality hardwood and softwood lumber. We treat each customer personally, and will help direct you to the best lumber for your next project.

Do you have extra wood? You don't have to deal with the clutter any longer. We'll buy your extra logs and standing timber for a great price. Get cash for wood today and give us a call!

We offer senior citizen discounts, personalized service, and much more!

We'll personally help you pick the best hardwood or softwood lumber for your next project

• Durable wood

• Diverse uses

• Visually appealing

• Delivery available

At Cooksburg Lumber Company, Inc., we have over 39 years of experience. We originally started as loggers and eventually became log sellers. If you're looking to get advice about the best hardwood or softwood lumber options for you, contact us – we know everything about the lumber business. We'll put our years of expertise to work for you.

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Get the best hardwood and softwood lumber for your next project

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Receive hardwood and softwood lumber advice from experts in the field